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Recd another newsletter today and went searching for past newsletters on your site with no luck. Is there an archive?


I don’t like to fill up our Blog with so many articles, so we’re selective on what we post there. Perhaps we’ll look at adding a separate archive.

What kind of content do you like to see in our newsletter?

I guess what has generally prompted me to go looking for the newsletter archive has been articles by Chris Taylor that talk about security issues: I liked his article on passwords and I scraped that into my OneNote as a reference I will probably never look at again; the article today about removing photo metadata was interesting-not of immediate use.
It just occurred to me that with humongous drives available that those newsletters must exist on some storage device and could be readily available in an archive. I did search the blog and did not find the articles I mentioned.


Thanks Mike. It has been a lot of fun writing for Cybersecurity News and I appreciate being asked to contribute.

I understand Ken’s reluctance in adding the entire newsletter to the blog, but a separate archive would be useful to many, I would think. Most sites that have email newsletters maintain an archive.

I know it is extra work, especially if you want it searchable, but even if it is not directly searchable, Google will eventually index it for you and you can then search Google with “” added to the search phrase and find what you are looking for.

I have been maintaining an archive of my own since I began writing for Cybersecurity News. I do it so I can easily forward to others a link to my articles. Basically, I load the newsletter into a browser from the email I receive and then copy the URL into a document.

I don’t know if anyone else would find this useful. If so, I could forward the links to the past year of Cybersecurity News.


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Thanks Chris for taking the time to address my request.
I am not without some tech knowledge (started in 1970 on an IBM 3070, JCL, card readers, and retired in 2003; an entire Age ago.
I didn’t really give it much thought when I asked the question of Glasswire: of course when information is digital it must be stored in some gigantamous bin that could be reasonably URLed!?
In my analog beginnings I had bookshelves to be proud of – a resting place for dust mostly; I have less than 20 “real” books today. The process of saying “good-bye” to all those “really important” receptacles of my acquired “wisdom” was not easy; physically as well as emotionally. With my much larger digital collection of information that I have scraped off the web into OneNote, highlighted, and filed away I am seeing how I am realizing diminishing returns – I had scraped your “Passwords” article out of the GlassWire email and put it through my storage process AND just now could not find it. I had buried it under an article by Chris Hoffman of How-To Geek. I did find it with a search but it emphasizes how broken my hoarding of information is. Also checked to see if it showed up somewhere as “Good Passwords Chris Taylor”. (Chris Taylor the baseball player is more popular than good passwords.)
I have recently been looking at more articles on “Digital Minimization” and giving some thought to a more spiritual questioning of my purpose in hoarding all this information that just gets flushed into a hard drive. Seems time to synopsize my “wisdom” before someone else ends up with the responsibility to wipe my hard drive(s).

I did find your writing informative and suspect that it will survive my purging urge.

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We’ll look at our Blog and see what articles are popular, then try to add more newsletter articles over time. We are grateful to @CTaylor for his hard work and awesome writing!

If anyone wants to join the newsletter please go to our download page and enter your email address where it says “stay in touch”.

I went looking for a Blog and did not find one on your site - AHA there it is! I finally found it via a Google search and then went to the bottom of your home page to see that it is there. It would have been easier to find if it had been in the menu at the top of your home page.
Sorry for all the bother, I just have to get used to where the new generation stores the links.

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