Next version, when and what changes

When and what changes we can expect in the new version? :smile:

We hope to have an update this week or next week. The changes are top secret. :smile:

A new update : Is it for the free version too ? Because I have a Glasswire version (free version) with my antiivirus (included in 360 total security).

Yes, there will be an update for both.

"…an update this week or next week."
Or maybe the week after that??

Any news here? Will it be released this week? The changes still top secret? :wink:

The release should come out next week, sorry for the delay. Yes, the changes are top secret. :wink:

ok, still secret :disappointed_relieved:. but can you say if it will have new features or will it be a bugfix release?

The firewall will better organize old apps so they don’t get in the way anymore. You can also choose to only get notified about new unknown devices that join the network instead of getting constant notifications for all devices joining/leaving (which can be annoying) plus major bug fixes. The UI is also enhanced for Windows 10.

thank you very much :grinning:

Is there a Roadmap for a Final or Stable version of Glasswire ?

Rafale, yes there is. We are releasing a major update in the next month or so that decreases resource usage significantly, then we hope to leave beta soon after.