Night neon theme missing in latest version

I created an account just to complain. I know it’s the free copy, but you had the option on your last copy.

We have not changed anything with themes in the latest version, or the previous 3-4 versions I don’t think. What are you even talking about?

Hey Ken. I’m sorry dude. I was pretty grilled when I wrote that. Shouldn’t mix edables and an internet connection I guess :sweat_smile: I’ll delete the topic and as a sign of remorse and because it really is such an awesome utility, I’m gonna but the 25$ package next month when I get paid. Again, sorry about the post, I wasn’t seeing straight, you guys rock :heart:

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Our change list is here.

We did not make any themes changes for a very long time I think, maybe for over a year.

You should make some changes in theme :slight_smile: