No Alert for new Inbound Connections

Hi everyone

I’ve noticed, that GlassWire does not alert me for new inbound connections. For example, an other computer connects to my system via SMB to the C:\ drive, GlassWire will not show an alert.

In my point of view, I think that all new inbound connection should create an alert. Not only at the first time the connection occurs but rather any time a connection is buildup.

Probably this is an issue on my system, so here my configuration:

  • Windows 7 SP1 (x64) with all security updates
  • The current network connection is in the domain profile
  • The firewall state for the domain profile is off (configured by group policies)


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Did you reboot immediately after installing GlassWire? In the last install window we show a warning that GlassWire may miss some current connections unless you reboot. Maybe that’s what happened but if not please let me know.
Does it show the connection in GlassWire at all? If so it should show a “new” alert unless it wasn’t rebooted.

I’ve installed GlassWire on the 27. august and rebooted multiple times since then.

No, i doesn’t show the connection in GlassWire at all. But if a execute the netstat command, the connection is visible:

netstat -ano

  Proto  Local Address      Foreign Address        State           PID
  TCP    [local-ip]:445     [remote-ip]:62207      ESTABLISHED     4

The process with the id 4 is the System process.

Edit: The connection is visible in the Graph tab. When i copy a large file via SMB, the correct network usage is shown and the App “System” produces the network usage. But in the Firewall tab, the connection is not visible and the App “System” is missing.

Thanks for finding this problem. We’ll try to reproduce it on our end and release a fix.