No data in graph

Graph showing no data, showing “loading data” in statusbar.
Restarted program and service several times but it only works for a few seconds and then stalls.
Did not change anything in the system, no new updates installed before I noticed the problem, running Glasswire 2.1.158 on Windows 10 1903
P.S. Data is existing in database and is shown if I change from 5 minute range to bigger ones.
one last thing, would not want to do a clean install and loosing all data, except you make it possible to backup database somehow -> feature request :wink:


Here is how to backup

Are you seeing a .dmp file on your desktop when the data stops appearing?

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Actually, there is, analyzed it just now:
FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: um:fail_fast_fatal_app_exit_c0000409_gwctlsrv.exe!unknown
are there symbols for debugging glasswire?


Could you email it to us using a cloud service like Google Drive? We can check it and reply to you.