No immediate issues with GW1.2.68 (unreleased test version)

Installed this test release over 1.2.54. No issues noticed (though some minor problems) but I did close the active Glasswire window before installing (Glasswire showed still active in the notification tray).

Minor quibble with your email. You refer to this as a new “version” while I consider it a minor new release. Version number is 1, release number is 2, modification number is 68. Granted that’s “old” software development terminology, but it prevents a LOT of misunderstandings.

Having said that and while I do appreciate this update, this truly is a minor modification of the release IMO. Adding the labels is nice and when I added a new device, it did appear in Network within the minute and again was removed quickly. But in both cases I had to refresh the Network tab by going to another tab and returning before the change showed up. I waited more than ten minutes after re-adding the new device, but Network did not refresh itself until I changed tabs.

I also noted that the labels persisted even though I closed Glasswire completely (including using Task Manager to do so). The labels also persisted after reboot.

When I changed my Glasswire client to another router, the labels set persisted across subnets.

(BTW, the Westell router provided for local DSL is apparently a Netgear product. At least Glasswire shows it as device: with Info: Netgear. This is consistent with another source that I had seen that showed it was Netgear.)

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I’ve now installed 1.2.68 on my Win 10 test system with no issues as far as the install was concerned. I left the GW active window open during this install. GW properly uninstalled the old version (1.2.64), closed that active window and installed the update. That machine is updating the Win 10 Insider release, so I’ll wait for further testing.

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