No Ineternet connection on every startup with "Ask to Connect"

Maybe dupe of no-internet-connection-with-ask-to-connect/6013 but didn’t help much.

Recently, Not sure since when or which after update, every time the PC starts up with the “Ask to Connect” status there is no internet connection on Windows 10 / AMD Ryzen environment.

Windows 10 Pro 21H1
AMD Ryzen 9
Glasswire Basic 2.9.397

Every network functions including Windows SMB doesn’t work.
It’s wired connection, the globe icon appears that shows up when the network is disconnected.
But the graph seems to be having really small amounts of fluctuation mostly through the local network of the PC itself.

Other PC that connects to same router doesn’t have any problem with internet connection(through both wired/wireless), and I’m writing this on it.

Only known solution for now is to uninstall(and clean-unist) the Glasswire from PC.
Any Ideas to solve the problem other than uninstall?

Sorry for the issue. We will try to reproduce this.

Do you use any other firewall software on your PC, or have you used any recently that could have left old rules?

In this case you should probably uninstall GlassWire, along with any other firewall related apps.

Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.


Reinstall GlassWire with “reset firewall” and “clean install” checked.

Sorry for the issue. We haven’t seen others report this.

I’d recommend completely uninstalling GlassWire and running your PC normally to see if the problem is related to GlassWire at all. We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking and it shouldn’t ever randomly cause network issues since it’s built into Windows itself and it’s very reliable. Over a billion Windows users have this API so it would be strange if it caused network issues randomly like this.