No more Window Firewall

I had Glasswire for a few weeks in 2014, it was a CPU Hog then and Stuck with Windows Firewall. But the idea i thought was Brilliant, so i have returned 4 years later to see if it has changed. Glasswire is a Firewall in its own right now and if installed, windows firewall or any other Firewall is not needed at all, if i have the Paid Version. is that right ?
if i don’t have the Paid version, am i still left with only windows Firewall ?, or will it work with Comodo Firewall too now ?. Nothing on this Earth would get me using windows Firewall. But if Glasswire is a firewall now anyway, or if it is now able to work with other firewalls i will try it again. Maybe, depending on the CPU issue, i think i read the download has full functions for 7 days.then reverts to the free version, Not very long to get to know a program with this many functions. i cant see how much it is anywhere either.


GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API. We use this API because it’s tried and tested by over a billion Windows users world-wide, and because it’s less likely to do harm to our users due to an unexpected exploit or security problem.

Some other bonuses of the API are that it uses less resources, and that it is more likely to not cause conflicts with Windows or other third party software.

GlassWire has a 7 day trial, then it reverts to its free version that focuses on network security monitoring and it has no blocking abilities. You can download GlassWire here to try the free 7 day trial.