No Scale Bars Displayed

Continuing the discussion from Understanding GlassWire's Scaling and Graph:

In this Blog entry, you show this:


So now you’ve estimated that this spike is about 15 KB. Now you can confirm your suspicions by setting the vertical line on this spike, then clicking the graph to see that your estimation is correct.

In that last sentence you say to set the vertical line, then click on the graph. The graph display shows to bars on the vertical access at 10 and 15 MB. But when using 1.2.64 (as in all other releases), after clicking to set the vertical line, if I click on the graph (as stated), it only resets the vertical line. I never see an subdivision of the vertical scale.

Look at Blog03 below it, then look where the box is around “15KB”. That’s what I’m talking about, but perhaps it’s confusing how it’s explained?

It’s not difficult to understand, just cumbersome to use. This has been discussed before. What would help is the option to set a fixed scale so a quick glance tells you what you need to know without mental calculations.

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What you said is not confusing but the bars on the left that don’t exist are:

I don’t have any problems with how Glasswire works now. zeker mentions the request for an options for a fixed scale – if implemented, I would hope that it would be exactly that – an option. To me, throwing in a fixed scale would be confusing where now I have no issues at all.

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