Nonsensical scaling

At small timeframes, the y-axis of Glasswire’s Graph correctly shows the traffic rate, such as 20 KB/s, so that the colored filled area in the Graph corresponds to the total amount of incoming / outgoing data. At some point, when zooming out, the Graph’s y-axis switches from traffic rate (20 KB/s) to traffic (20 KB), which makes little sense. Is there a setting where this switch can be disabled, so that the y-axis always shows the traffic rate?
I want to note, that I read “Understanding GlassWire’s Scaling and Graph” (see screenshot below), but found it wanting. For starters, it says that, on one hand, 20KB is the total amount of downloaded data in the shown 5 minute time window and, on the other hand that one of the spikes corresponds to 15kb (ignoring the fact that there are two other spikes in that 5 minute time window, each with more than 10kb, so that the sum of all spikes is much more than the claimed 20kb).

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I noticed that too! What I think it’s doing is what ever the highest peak used is is what it goes by. If the next peak is like 21 KB/s it will read 21 KB/s. Any peaks after that if lower in speed will be ignored. At least that’s the way I see it. :grinning: