Noob help Firewall

Thanks for your program! :sunglasses:

New user, trying the free version atm. Is there a way to prevent programs from running until given permission?
I’m talking above my paygrade here but don’t I want prevent them from running until I decide they are safe?
Example, I got notified google updater ran but it looks like Glassware let it run without asking me if it’s ok.
I’ve repeatedly tried to stop this program from updating, until I use Chrome. It constantly tries to phone home and annoys me greatly. This isn’t the only program, but it’s the principle. Bad actors should be able to be stopped before they run, correct?

Thanks for any help.

“Click to block” mode, “Ask to connect” mode, or “Block all” mode. “Click to block” mode lets all connections through, but allows you to later block connections you don’t like. “Ask to connect” will alert you before a connection starts and lets you allow or deny the connection, and “Block all” mode should block all network connections on your PC.

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Not with GlassWire, or any other firewall I can think of. A firewall simply blocks or allows the program’s network connection depending on a rule.

What you need to do is disable the Google Update Service.

This is the best online tutorial I’ve found. If you have the gupdatem, you should disable that as well.

Note: if either Service Status is “Running” before setting to Disable, click the Stop button. I don’t know why they left that out.

Keep in mind, you will need to manually update Chrome and any other Google stuff you might have.

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you could use a hips/firewall such as spyshelter by Datpol , which has application control, but not just asking for internet access… it asks for permission to run, permission to access protected registry, permission if it wants to take a screenshot… etc
also has the huge advantage of anti keylogger protection built in

Glasswire just prompts/asks for internet access yes/no or blocks an application from accessing the internet in a beautiful interface with amazing logging

Thanks Krevvy and Dallas7, all great info. :sunglasses:

I did actually mean, not let programs connect but didn’t word it well.
So I’ve set GW to ‘Ask to Connect’ and taking a look at the tutorial on googleupdate.
I’ve tried to disable that program before and took renaming the actual file to stop it.
So this tutorial might be a improvement.

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@Acleacius I would ask for security advice in a security forum. If you write a good question with enough details you will get most of the time a realy good answer there.

If you want to block stuff (from running) it’s more like white/blacklisting or anti-exe software. A firewall is not the tool you would look for such stuff first.

Thanks Geri123, I’ll bookmark those for the future.

I received good and timely advice here, and looking forward to using Glass Wire. :sunglasses: