Not sure WHo why what but please explain

Im confused after a WHO is trace this address doesn’t exist and i just re-downloaded from your site TODAY…

Uninstalling tiill i understand why the remote address is a NON existent web address


On your PC our user interface “GlassWire” must communicate with our driver “GlassWire Control Service”. This data goes back and forth between those two applications and never leaves your PC.

Thanks for fast reply Ken,
i was asking about the web address used in the remote section?

The address is odd looking for one and when you whois it, it doesn’t exist, is what i was asking… is this yours attached to the service.

I believe it’s a loopback address, so it goes nowhere.

Here is some info about localhost

For that .cn domain, if you check your hosts file do you see it listed there?

For the loopback ( the remote address should resolve to “localhost” or the name of your computer which is “Device Name,” “System Name” or “Computer Name” depending on which utility you’re using to parse that info.

Run “System Information” (msinfo32.exe) to check what your system name is. That and localhost should be what resolves to.

If your computer name is that real or not FQDN (fully qualified domain name) it is, in my experience, unusual unless your proxy settings might point to that or, as Ken suggests, your hosts file has been edited, the latter being really unusual. These days hosts file manipulation is the purview of hard-core networking geeks or nefarious processes.

TCPView here shows all the resolved addresses as my system name; default hosts file and no proxy:


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In reviewing my post I realize I forgot to mention this is exactly why all Glasswire versions have the “Notify me if ‘hosts’ or ‘lmhosts’ files are modified” for the “System file monitor” setting under Security!

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