Noticed a strange connection, what to do?

Please check the below screenshot,

atm. I’m at a hotel and I noticed this strange connection a while ago. Could it be someone snooping on my computer? I did virus scans but they found nothing. I’m a privacy conscious person so I do take measures.

What do you think?

Sadly, Glasswire doesn’t offer to single out a suspicious connection.

I have not seen this “stealth-??” host before. Strange. I will ask if our team has some ideas about it.


I also noticed this today,

some of these clients regularly change DNS when I check through the network tab’s IP / DNS toggle.

Our team investigated and we have not seen this strange “stealth-??” thing before either. Perhaps it’s related to the network configuration of the hotel somehow?

I can’t say since I’m just a guest of theirs and I doubt any of the receptionists may be able to help me. If Glasswire had a function to single out a connection from the popup that would be great.

Mine is same but not stealthed but its to do With DNS services…

virus check it and let it be

as a check disable it and see if google works…

did that, it says it’s clean. when I disable the Host Process altogether the internet connection is lost so it needs to be enabled.

another very strange connection,


Is this also at the hotel, or on a different network? Perhaps their network is configured in an unusual way.

yep, it’s the hotel.

I have no idea but blacklisting the entire process cuts off my internet. Other applications (games e.g.) using it seem to work (at least for a time) but the web browser e.g. not.

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