Notification on second screen


Glasswire need to have a option to move notification on second screen.
I have 2 screens, glasswire notification show on default screen but in my case this screen is used for full screen app.


We will investigate multi-screen use and the best way to implement this. Thanks for letting us know about this problem.

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I was actually thinking about requesting this last night! I’m the same, my main monitor always has some sort of fullscreen app going on, whereas my secondary monitor tends to display static information. I’ve been there quite a few times waiting for a program to connect to realise after alt-tabbing that a notification has asked me to allow/block the program.

Any progress on this? Useful to have any notification appearing on selected monitor so it is not obscured by any full-screen application on main screen (game etc).
Could you please add a monitor# option in the /settings/security section?