Notification Popup

I think GlassWire is great and have already recommended it to people I work with, but one of the things I just tried to do was change where the notification popup appears. Currently it’s in the bottom left corner but allowing users to change this could improve the UI (I’m not even sure it is possible, but having it linked into Windows 10’s notification system could also be an upgrade).

I hope this suggestion helps!

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Thank you for your feedback and support. We hope to add automatic updates in the future someday.

Hey @Berrik, are you sure it’s not configurable? My popups appears all in the bottom RIGHT corner!

Yes mine are at the bottom right as well, and integrated in windows 10. Are you using an earlier version of Windows? 8, 7, etc?

When I made this post I was using the latest version of GlassWire and have never used a version that integrates into the Window 10 notification system (i.e. managed by Cortana). Currently there are no options to change the notification settings other than turning them on or off.

Did you do anything additional to installing GlassWire, like changing settings or modifying the program?

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I didn’t do anything, just run the setup and inserterd license.

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