OBS Software Question


New glassware user here and I’m liking all the info its showing me so far but I’m just wondering if GW is scanning the in/out data that my OBS streaming software is sending through my PC. Or if I have to enable something to have all that data added into the total data used.

I streamed for roughly 9hrs at an average bitrate while also using my PC normally this evening and the GW usage tab shows only around 12GB used in the past 12-18hrs or so.

I was under the impression that streaming used up a LOT more data and bandwidth than what I’m seeing here and I was just wondering if GW is already reading that info that OBS is using, or if that’s not included in the usage figures.

I DL’d GW because I’m trying to figure out how I seem to be hitting my ISP’s stupid data cap each month and whether the stuff I’m doing on my desktop (Streaming, gaming, media consumption, etc.) is the culprit or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

When you installed GlassWire was your OBS streaming software already running and streaming? If so our installer warns that you should reboot to pick up all data. Some apps that are already running and sending data immediately as GlassWire is installed can get missed until your PC is rebooted. It has to do with how Windows drivers work.


Hi Ken, thanks for the quick response.

When I installed it, I didn’t have it open however after restarting my computer normally over the course of the last day or so its shows up in the apps/usage tab as ‘Streamlabs OBS’ but it shows that it’s only using less than 100mb (Around 5mb to be exact) and that just can’t be.

Is there something else I need to do to see how much data the streaming thing is taking up? This small of an amount just doesn’t seem right.


GlassWire’s counting should be 100% accurate on Windows and Android.

However, if you go to your usage screen how are your settings set up there? It could explain the issue if these settings are different than you expect.