On rare occasions, it never asks to connect an app

I have an issue that has happened twice now, but it seems to be rare. I will be trying to use an app for the first time, and the app will not be able to connect to the internet. I use ‘Ask to Connect’ mode, and am looking in the list of apps, but cannot find the program, and in fact I don’t even see any apps that I have set to blocked (so it’s not like I am just not recognizing it in the list).

Then, as a test I will disable the Glasswire firewall altogether, and then immediately I get a notification that the app in question has had its first network activity. Example below:

Only after that will the app show up in the list of apps, so I toggle the firewall back on and then it shows up in the list of apps as allowed.

The first time this ever happened (I forget which app it was), I was extremely confused and it took a while to figure out glasswire was blocking it.

TL;DR: On rare occasions, an app will have its connection blocked, but not show up anywhere in the list of apps (until I toggle the firewall off/on), and it will not prompt to allow the connection.

I assume this is a bug, but one thing that would have been helpful for troubleshooting is my suggestion for a blocked connection log, as I mentioned in another post. (I can’t link to it with my current forum permissions)

Hi @ThioJoe,

Our engineers have looked into this and are unable to reproduce the problem. Please can you email logs so we can further investigate?


Hi @Katie_GlassWire, definitely appreciate them looking into it. Could you be more specific on the process of exporting the logs or which logs?

I’ll also try to spot a pattern the next time it happens. It did happen a third time the same day with another program, and the only similarity I noticed was they were both unsigned applications, though that could just be a red herring.

I’m having the same (or at least a similar) issue. It seems like it started to happen after I cleared all “Inactive apps” via the “X” besides the “inactive apps” header and for me it seems to be related to that apps trying to connect again. The app doesn’t get access to the internet and no popup appears asking for that. What’s different for me is: Searching for that app in the list of apps reveals the app as having a green toggle icon (as if it is allowed). If I toggle that app from allowed to block and then back to allowed the app suddently has internet.

P.S.: @ThioJoe I enjoy watching your YT videos :wink:

Hi @Wolfspirit,

I have tested this and I am unable to replicate the same issue. Please can you confirm you are on the latest version of GlassWire, Version 3.3.501?

If the problem persists. Please can you reproduce the steps which trigger the issue and then send logs to help@glasswire.com. Please see full instructions below.

Reproduce steps and send logs:
• Stop GW Service at the Task manager’s Services tab
• Open as administrator: C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\glasswire.conf
• Set parameter: LogEnabled = true and save the file.
• Start GW Service again.
• The logs will appear at: C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\log

Thank you

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I was able to reproduce the problem again while having the logs enabled, though it doesn’t seem that it added anything to it at the time the connection was blocked. But it did log some stuff when I disabled and re-enabled the firewall and it made the first connection, so maybe that will still be helpful.

I also screen recorded a video of the whole problem and process. It seems that Glasswire might actually be blocking any new program, because I was able to observe the behavior on an app of mine which is EV certificate signed, so that throws out the idea it could be related to unsigned apps.

Anyway the logs are timestamped and the clock is shown in the screen recording so it should be easy enough to reference the entries that occurred in the video.

Also, I’m also confident I could reproduce the problem again if necessary so if there is anything the developers would like me to test I should be able to.

Let me know where I should email the log files and screen recording video.
Nevermind I see the email address in the post above, I’ll send it there.