OneDrive can't connect to Internet since uninstall without disabling the firewall in GW

Hello everybody
I’ve been in this trouble for one or two months now, and I can’t find anything helping me, so if you could help me, it would be appreciated at a point you just can’t imagine ^^
Basically, I started using SkyDrive two years ago, when I installed 8 on my laptop. It was great and very useful since I took it everywhere and had some serious stuff updated everyday that I didn’t want to lose at all, so I synced every night.
With the time, I bought another computer and a Windows Phone, and now OneDrive is more useful than ever. But.
On my laptop, everything’s working properly. I mean, if I update a file or anything, it will be updated online. No problem. Idem on Windows Phone. But the desktop computer is a bit angry with OneDrive, or at least looks like.
I can’t tell you from what the problem comes but… it simply can’t sync anything. It tells me I’m not connected to Internet while I definitely am (yeah I’m not totally stupid you know).
I resetted OneDrive, already.
I disabled FireWall, already.
Always the same thing, looks connected but is not actually, and after a few minutes of “Looking for changes”, tells me that I’m not connected with an yellow exclamation mark.
My only idea is that i’ve been using a software called GlassWire, to analyse my network connection (which has never been good, but it was kind of… cool, I guess), and to get the best ping I could in Counter Strike, I always enabled the firewall for OneDrive and MegaSync and every software that was using Internet each time I wanted to play a game, and then re-authorized them to connect.
But, one day, I decided to uninstall GlassWire, just because it actually was useless. Yeah, it was accurate, but the point was absent. And I forgot to disable the firewall on OneDrive.
Since this day, it hasn’t wanted to connect to Internet, but MegaSync and the rest are ok… So I don’t know.
If anyone has an idea, i’ll take it.
PS : I thought of resetting Windows firewall, too. Didn’t change anything.

PS : now i reinstalled GlassWire, and OneDrive is not appearing in the usage tab.

I found this article about OneDrive problems with some suggestions that may help.

Nobody has ever reported GlassWire causing problems with OneDrive that I have seen on this forum, or via Twitter/Facebook, or via email. GlassWire uses Windows firewall therefore we have not seen compatibility problems with any Microsoft software so far.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I did what the article said, and it looks like it’s working now…
Don’t know why it didn’t before…
I’ll keep your updated.