Option to mass clear applications from firewall


So what I was thinking is that inactive apps is very useful but it takes quite a while to mark as inactive. So is could there be a feature to batch remove apps, and also to hide apps you already have firewalled? That way the firewall page isn’t so crowded when you have a ton of different services.

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Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but if you’re using our latest software you can mouse over “inactive apps” and do a mass deletion.

I understand the rest of what you’re saying, about hiding firewalled apps. Thanks for your feedback.


Ah, yea that I understand sorry if it was worded poorly I just meant because I can’t choose how long until apps are inactive.Even if I can just remove the prompt each time I remove an app. Also is there a way to hide or minimize apps that are blocked?

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Perhaps we can add a setting for “inactive apps” in the future that lets users pick time periods.

There is no way to hide or minimize apps that are blocked unfortunately. I think we worry that people will block something, then be unable to unblock it since it will no longer be in the list.


Ah I understand now about why you worry about minimizing them, could you hide blocked apps like inactive apps perhaps through a setting that way it you can warn a user?


Thats great for inactive apps. but what about the others. I would like to see a option to clear them all. clicking the " x " next to each one by one is tedious.

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Thanks for your feedback.

FYI, this may not be what you need but we do have a “profiles” feature that allows you to make new profiles for your firewall. It can allow you to mass reset it, but it doesn’t delete everything.


In the center of the firewall window is the “Firewall Profiles” option. You can create and save a firewall profile depending on your location, or how you use your device. For example, you can turn on “Ask to connect” mode and deny everything but Internet Explorer so nothing else accesses the network. You can then use this profile while you’re on a metered Internet connection to save data usage.