Outbound Firewall and Alerts

Perhaps this is a newbie question, but I am a little confused by the UI. In the “Alerts” tab I keep seeing “network activity” on an item I’ve previously blocked (specifically, I’ve blocked Microsoft Onedrive via clicking on the item in the “Active Apps” section of the Firewall tab, but then I’ll see “first network activity” for Onedrive in the “Alerts” tab. This is also often true for Microsoft Edge. I do block as much of MS as I can.)

But the current phrasing in the “Alerts” tab implies that MS got through with these items. Did they? Has MS figured a way to sneak around Glasswire’s outbound blocks? If not, it would be nice if “Alerts” confirmed successful blocking of the item.

Or have I missed something?


Thank you for reporting this issue and sorry for the problem.

May I ask what Onedrive version it was that you were using and what Windows OS version you have?

Are you using any other firewall software besides ours? We’ll investigate and try to recreate the issue.

Thanks for following up. This is Windows 10, Version 2004, build 19041.508. I am NOT using Onedrive or Edge, and have shut them down wherever I can find them within the system. But in these latest Win 10 builds it seems that MS is doing its best to force these apps to be active.

I do have the standard MS firewall on by default. Should I turn it off?

The key question/comment is knowing when Glasswire has actually blocked attempted traffic from a blocked app (thus my question about whether MS has found a sneaky way around Glasswire’s firewall). Glasswire might well be doing a flawless job, but the reporting on apps that might have hit the Glasswall block is ambiguous or not there (that I can find). Thanks again!

GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API for blocking. It is our opinion that you should never disable the Windows Firewall.

If you try to use OneDrive is it blocked?

As I noted, I do NOT use onedrive, and would rather not switch back on those components that I was able to turn off.

Let me rephrase the comment/question a little more generically: how do we know when a Glasswire block has successfully taken place? (This could apply to any item selected for an outbound block.) Is there, say, a log that could be checked? Thanks again, Frank


Sorry, I was just asking if you could launch OneDrive to see if it works, or if it has an error as if GlassWire has blocked it? The answer will help me diagnose the problem.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.

No worries at all; I appreciate your time looking into this. Still curious about any method to review what Glasswire has done in this regard.

If you block Edge or IE or something like that, then launch it and try to use it does it work or no?