Outgoing traffic of Zscaler VPN app on PC

The data usage of Zscaler VPN show very high Outgoing traffic - 40%-50% of total.

Is that just due to the way Zscaler works, or should it be investigated by Zscaler support?

VPN services can increase data usage depending on what encryption technique they use because encryption is added to the data.

According to this article https://www.tomsguide.com/features/how-much-data-does-a-vpn-really-use a VPN can add 10-15% more data so maybe 40% is too high, unless Zscaler works in a different way.

Edited the original post. It is 40-50% of the TOTAL.
Other VPN clients, like Fortinet don’t show this behavior, they show the expected 10% usage.