Over a hundred Suspicious Host Warnings

I am getting real tired of having over a hundred Suspicious Host Warnings every couple of weeks. If you think this is the proper way to run your organization you are totally wrong. Get it right or get me off of this badly organized software!

That would be really annoying. :frowning_face: But then I’ve never had a suspicious host warning using GlassWire. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can turn off the suspicious host monitoring or just turn off the desktop notifications. However, if you think that they are not suspicious hosts then you should let the GlassWire team know the host details in case one of the lists they are using needs updating.

How to turn off suspicious host monitoring

Go to the GlassWire main menu
Select Settings
Select Security
Select the Unlock button
Select the Yes button when prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes?”
Select Suspicious hosts monitor in the Security list
At this point you have two options:

  • Uncheck Notify me if an application initiated a connection to a suspicious host so you don’t log any alerts about any suspicious hosts; or
  • Uncheck Show desktop notifications so you don’t get Windows notifications which is probably what is annoying you.

Select the OK button to save your changes.


Same here, never had a suspicious host warning while using GlassWire :hushed:

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Our suspicious host source is very accurate. In fact since we launched in 2014 I don’t recall ever seeing a report about a false positive with our suspicious hosts. However, if you can email me what you’re seeing I can double check them (please send me a link to this thread along with the actual hosts shown as suspicious). https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

You may want to check the apps involved in contacting the suspicious hosts with VirusTotal that can be turned on in our settings.


And of course, if you want to connect to known malware hosts for infosec work or something like that, it’s OK. You can turn off the suspicious hosts settings in GlassWire’s security settings and connect to all the malware hosts you want with no warnings from us.