Paid version reverts to Trial version

I still have time left on my subscription. If I click Activate my product key is fully populated and lets me move back to the paid version after a restart. Why is this happening and what am I missing while I am unaware that I’m on the trial version.


Sorry for the issue.

Is this with our GlassWire new 2.2 version? What does it show if you go to our top left menu and choose “About”? What Windows version do you use?

Do you use any “cleaning” software or tool that deletes files? This can happen if a cleaning software deletes our files. You should white list or not delete our programdata/glasswire folder. If something is deleting our files then GlassWire cannot work correctly.

If something has deleted our files please confirm and I can give instructions on how to do a clean install of GlassWire after our files were deleted.

I’m on 2.1.167 and running Win 10. I’m not running any cleaner that I am aware of.

Please update to 2.2 and let me know if it solves your issue or not. If it doesn’t I can suggest something else. @John_H

Thanks, will do. I was wondering how to upgrade, since the app does not do it automatically, nor can I request it in-app. I’ll hit the link you sent me. I guess the question is how would one know that there is an upgrade out there to download - perhaps this is the news letter advising.

Very impressed with the fast response. It puts others to shame!


GlassWire will alert you when a new version is available. We usually wait a few weeks before alerting everyone to upgrade because we like to be sure there was no unexpected issues with the update.