Panda internet security 2016?

I upgraded from panda free to panda IS, which includes a firewall.
it turns off windows firewall and runs its own firewall instead.
what are the pros and cons of running glasswire free along with it?
panda seems to have automatically disabled glasswire from startup, although I noticed that glasswire processes are active anyways, just not the tray icon.
after opening glasswire UI, and viewing the firewall tab, it looks to me like it is monitoring a whole long list of processes, and it gives alerts as well.
what do you say?
leave it running, not?

You can use GlassWire strictly as a network security monitor and not use its firewall features at all. A lot of people use GlassWire just to monitor their usage under the “usage” tab, so using GlassWire this way is pretty normal.

Thanks for using GlassWire!

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thanks. now I saw that the firewall is indeed turned off, even though it is still listing active processes.
I am mainly interested in protection, not in information.
am I gaining protection in this setup?

Yes you are gaining protection by using GlassWire strictly as a network security monitor. We alert you of known suspicious hosts you’re visiting and we also have many security features you can check out if you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then the “security” tab.