Password reset doesn't work

So first off, I don’t understand why I had to use a Gmail address to access the forum. The email address I wanted to use was getting flagged as invalid.

After a recent update, Glasswire still functions, but my some functions aren’t available because it logged me out. I used every password that it should have been but none of them worked. Fine, no biggie just do a password reset. I’ve been doing a password reset for the last month and a half and haven’t received a link or anything. To make matters worse, I even extended my subscription by mistake, trying to figure this out.

Now that I’m going to be using this for at least the next 365 days, could someone get me access to my account, please?

Hi @Ventrue,

GlassWire account has been introduced with version 3.0 and it is not related your forum account or to the account you may have used to purchase licenses on Cleverbridge, which is a third party reseller of our licenses.

Please go ahead and create your GlassWire account by selecting the “Sign Up” button.

You can then active your license code from the Menu > Upgrade > Insert license code.


Ok, update I was able to get in once I remembered that setup required me to use an email I didn’t want to. But I’m still concerned that I couldn’t get into the forums unless I used the send me an email link option. Also, a password reset email never showed up in my account. I like the product, as I said before, but what good is the product if you can’t access the forums for help or the product logs you out for no reason? Thank you for your time.

Hi @Ventrue,

The account for the forum and the account to log into GlassWire are different, they are not linked. We are releasing a Windows app in the next few days which will no longer require a log in.