PCFlank Leaktest

glasswire failed the PCFlank Leaktest.

tried 3 times.but probably does not mean that this leak is a security hole?

but any other tests on pc flank passed.does this now mean that any software or program installed or used by hackers could do anything? or just means :can send data to the internet?

GlassWire manages the Windows Firewall, therefore if your computer is failing that specific test then it means the Windows Firewall itself is failing that test. We are working on adding new features to GlassWire like “ask to connect” that may help with tests such as the one you mentioned.

yes,thanks thats true,the pc flank test is the same as typing anything into a browser,but has not alerted that it was happening,thats the point

glasswire seems to be really good work but it would be constructive if on the website would be links or advices for software which can be used in addition to glasswire.

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