Persistent problems with deactivation


I am having persistent problems with GW deactivating itself. I have tried the remedy of uninstalling and reinstalling, it’s getting quite annoying now.

It would also be nice if the program was able to update itself.
I am on Win10 Pro x64

Thank you.

I have also had problems getting Nvidia Experience to update and download new drivers. No matter how many times I added it as an exception, it would always fail to download - and it would show up as a new (blocked by default) program when I tried to update again.

There was a previous version of GlassWire that had this bug. Please uninstall, then go to the ProgramData folder and delete the GlassWire folder there, then reboot, then reinstall our latest version. Also please let GlassWire access the network if possible under the “Firewall” tab.

I think upgrading may also solve your driver problem. I use Nvidia hardware also and I haven’t experienced this problem or seen anyone report it.

If this does not solve your problem I recommend doing the above one more time and make sure everything is uninstalled, then reboot again, then go to the Windows Firewall and reset your default settings.