Physical Network Setup / Network Topology

I want to use GlassWire to be a firewall for my network. I have a Modem and a Router with WiFi. I have one computer physically connected and several fire sticks and appleTVs and mobile phones connected via WiFi. If I just install GlassWire on My PC, does that monitor the traffic on all of the devices by up address? Do I need to setup my network or computer (windows server 2012 R2) a special way?


GlassWire cannot be a firewall for your network. We’re an endpoint monitor only so we focus on detailed network activity, and detailed network changes to the device itself.

I agree it would be great if we can be a firewall for your network someday! This would require interfacing with your router or other hardware and currently there is no clear path for us to implement that.

Things Tab
Please note GlassWire does have its “Things” list. This feature shows you all the other devices on your network and will let you know if a new unknown device joins, but you cannot monitor those devices or block them.