PLEASE ! Disable Push Offers in Free Version!

Hi Glasswire Team.

Firstm i LOVE Glasswire, and i use a paid Pack in our Office,
but @ home we use the free version.

And i Install the free version on any Device, which is in our Repair, tuning and support area.

BUT, since a few little years, you push, primary @ Windows Push news for your own adv. for Offers etc.

PLEASE shut this “feature” down. It is only nervy and any User who like your tool, will bvuy a pack, but, many many use your tool for free and THATS A GOOD THINK, it makes your tool famous, and its generate much money for YOU. BUT please disable the Push Offers, it will make your free version 100% better!! And when you dont want it (it will swear you, it makes your tool much better, and more famous, i know much users, who del. your tool only because of this Push Offers) please reduce the numbers of push 1 for month for example.

Please talk about this, @ your Team meetings.


c0r3x aka Uwe van Hove
MojoTec Services