Please Swap Grey for Black

Hi I am a new user on trial.

First thing that puts me off is the readability of your product on my two 23" LCD’s + TV screen 40".
You also seem to have fallen into the “grey is good for your eyes” hype.

Even this Forum text field has it while I am typing.

Suggestion: could you please in your awesome skin selection include one “black text” please?

BTW the skins do not seem to work for me perhaps because of trial.

If Glasswire will not offer good readable black text I will certainly not buy it since I have trouble reading it, capisce?




Thanks for your feedback.

You can also make GlassWire more readable by making our UI larger. Go to the top left “GlassWire” menu and choose “settings” then look for “Text Size” and increase it.

Dear Ken,

you are making the common mistake of confusing SIZE and CONTRAST.
Size is not going to increase contrast nor readability but in fact causing the opposite.

Also the reader - me, your prospective client - would lose overview of the unnecessary blowing up characters!

Here’s a reader on the subject - there’s more out there - called The Contrast rebellion.

Why not embrace my suggestion and create an extra skin for people who would like to be able to read your stuff without going through hoops?


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@orford gets it. Hope you’re paying attention @Ken_GlassWire

We understand the difference between size and contrast. @Ken_GlassWire said “thanks for your feedback” then he said you can immediately make our fonts larger in the meantime because he thought that might help you even though it’s not the same thing.

He wanted you to know you can make the font size larger immediately with our current software, and that may help, but obviously it’s not contrast and we understand the difference. Thanks!

Hi all,

while still interested in your product I noticed there’s a Dark Theme out.

I was hoping that perhaps the readability of the characters/text might be improved.
Downloaded the new version to no avail since the option is - no joke - greyed out.

Since I’d hate to buy a version without improvement is there a trial version available containing Dark Theme for test?



We plan to reset all trials to zero around December 1. Then you can try the trial again at that time.