Port Numbers / Sockets

Support Team,

I just purchased your product, even though it’s missing one main feature that I think would be very helpful:

Port numbers for local and remote connections

Please find time for your dev team to include port numbers in the active traffic / active connections.



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Thank you for your feedback. This feature is high on our list and we’re working on it.


Hi GlassWire

When will we get a release which does include detailed port numbers and protocol type? I must be able to see detailed source and destination ports as well as the used protocol. At moment the information is too generic to be useful.

In this forum I found this topic back to year 2014… always telling the customers that this feature will come soon… when is soon? Will it be released this year? Will it be released beginning of next year? End of next year?

I ask you for some more prices release dates.


You might be in for a New Years surprise!


This sounds very promising :slight_smile:
Looking forward to that New Years surprise…

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