Pre-sales/installation question

Sort of a complicated home network with a variety of devices
Five workstations
Three NAS units (fixed IPs)
Four security cameras (fixed IPs)
Printers (fixed IPs)
Entertainment devices – Amazon Cube, DirecTV, TV itself, AV receiver, etc. all Ethernet connected.
Several Amazon tablets

We have three Internet providers and all traffic goes through a TP-Link TL-R480T+ multi WAN router. The router provides multi-WAN access and divides traffic across the three interfaces according to their connection speeds.

The question relates to Glasswire and if it could work with this type of internal network. My tentative conclusion is that it would not install on many of the devices and would not be useful but I want to ask the experts.


Thanks for considering using GlassWire.

We’re an endpoint monitor, plus we have some basic IOT technologies.

Endpoint Monitoring
With GlassWire if you find one of your PCs or Android phones is using an unusual amount of data, you can pinpoint the issue and fix it. For example, recently one of our users had a glitchy app updater that was using massive amounts of data every month. He found this with GlassWire and then he was able to pinpoint the issue and fix it. With a full network monitor you may see a PC is using up all your data, but without an endpoint monitor you can’t solve the issue easily. Most of the times we have found that PCs are usually responsible for unusual data usage issues due to so many different combinations of hardware/software that they have.

IOT Monitoring
GlassWire does also actually monitor the IOT (Internet of things), or all the devices on your network. Go to our “Things” tab to see what all is on your network. GlassWire can also alert you when an unknown new device joins your network. This can be useful to catch devices suddenly joining, then using up all the data on your network. However, we cannot see how much each device uses because we’d have to interface with your router to do that.

I hope this answers your question and I hope you can use GlassWire as a tool to help monitor your network. To do so you could install our software on your workstations.

GlassWire also has the ability to monitor all your workstations remotely (from a single workstation) and it looks something like this.

GlassWire has a free 7 day trial and you can get it here.

Directions on how to remotely monitor your workstations are here, and you can do that for free for one remote workstation/PC.