Premium vs Legacy License

For GlassWire 3.0 we have implemented a new way for users to upgrade to the paid version of GlassWire.

This new way to upgrade allows users to have full flexibility of the number of endpoints they wish to upgrade by selecting a Plan from within the Management Console.

On V3 the paid version is named “Premium” regardless of the Plan chosen.

Users can manage their Plan, change plan and cancel their plan at any time from within the Plans page of the Management Console.

Although we have introduced a new license structure, legacy license codes will continue to be valid on V3 in the same way as previous versions of the software. Further to this, we have introduced many new features including the Management Console, GlassWire Safety Score and Anomaly Detection, which will also be available for those users with legacy license codes at no extra cost.

The table above shows the new Plans Vs the Legacy Licenses. PCs which have the subscriptions Premium (new) and Elite (legacy) have the exact same feature sets with full access to all features and without limitations.

The above table shows the different feature sets between all the new Plans Vs the Legacy Licenses. As shown above, all new and legacy licenses have full access to the new features and the Management Console.

The tables remain true for those lucky few who purchased a lifetime license during past promotions.