Prevent Sleep while download/uploading above X rate

I have been trying to conserve power as much as possible given the huge increase in costs in my area and I have been trying to make use of Windows 10 Sleep/Suspend function.
It occurred to me if I left my pc downloading/uploading though it could go to sleep and stop the transfer and I wondered if it would be possible for Glasswire to prevent Sleep if a transfer to to the internet (or network if configured) is occurring at above X rate then once the rate drops below for X seconds re-enable sleep timing again or even trigger sleep.

There is a free tool (with source) that basically controls sleep and does not prevent the monitors going to sleep as an example at: What next, a DOS version?? [Free tool and source code to temporarily prevent a computer from entering sleep mode - 32-bit and 64-bit versions now support Windows XP!] - The blog of

I just thought it would be a nice feature if we could take that principle and apply it to download/upload rate and control if you want the monitor or windows to suspend based on that.


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Thanks for your feedback on preventing sleep.