Problem? - Activate & Deactivate GlassWire limit

I just want to get this out there before there is any problems associated to this.
I’m not sure how the activation process is configured as far as being tied to the motherboard or hardware profile for a specific license key. Does GlassWire associate the key to the users PC in some way?

I see there is a “deactivate” option in case you want to move computers (or reinstall GlassWire?). I have uninstalled and reinstalled GlassWire activating and reactivating, and sometimes I had forgot to deactivate. Is this a problem?

I remember having real issues with several different software companies over this. Adobe Acrobat Pro had the same Activate and Deactivate setting. I reinstalled Windows several times and always forgot to deactivate Adobe prior to reinstalling. So it stopped working and I had to go through the long process of trying to explain to Adobe I only had it installed on one computer and had forgot to deactivate before re-installation… So Acrobat was not tied to any hardware profile which would have made it a lot less hassle. Adobe just phoned home and counted activation attempts, locking me out after a few.

Second problem was with an Antivirus program. Reinstalled Windows several times in a year, and therefore installed the software too many times. Didn’t matter it was on the same PC. They would not reset my license and I was out of luck.

So please, make sure this does not become an issue in the future. :+1:


When switching PCs please remember to go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate” to release your license. But if you fail to do this eventually GlassWire may give you a message that asks you to email us so we can help you and reset your license on our end.

Our process is not long and we do our best to help people in a reasonable amount of time.