Problem to activate the service

I disabled my browser to test whether the program was working when I reactivated the internet it it not accessed he said the firewall was blocking even then I clicked the button to close and yet not returned.
I uninstalled the application and still can not access the browser.
This is the error: @ {} Glasswire.application_1136153935210179300


Please be sure GlassWire is completely uninstalled then search for Windows Firewall in “Search Windows” and go to the Windows Firewall, then click “restore defaults” on the left side, then reboot, then try again. Sorry for the problem.

I have never seen this reported before. Are you using any other firewalls or security software simultaneously with GlassWire?

Once everything is working please try to reinstall GlassWire then choose the “clean” install option if you want to try GlassWire again.