Problem when starting glasswire


When I’m trying to view glasswire I just see the following, it’s like super zoomed or something, or way to big.

I can’t put screenshots bc I’m new member, so I got no way to show it to you.

Kind Regards

They are working on fixing that I believe.
When it happens to me I click on the Glasswire Icon in the task bar below and it minimizes it.

Thing is, if I do what you say, I indeed minimize it, but when I click it again, I just get the same problem :smiley:

After you get it minimized click on the icon in the lower right corner where you would find your system volume. I think that sets it right

I tried, doesn’t work. I would love to make a gif or a screen but yeah :smiley:

Time to eject the whole pc out the window lol. Luckily I had an older version 1. something I am using until they straighten out their release.
But for real I was able to get away from that huge screen by mashing buttons like I was a 10 year old playing Playstation

Dude, ur solution, I managed to fix it, just press like a 9 year old! Thanks


This problem is fixed in the beta if you want to try that also. Try the GlassWire Windows 2.0.81 beta!