Problems on vmware guest?

Hi there,

are there any known problems with VMware? Running in an Win7 environment and since upgrade to 1.1.32b the environment hangs randomly (CPU 100%, not memory/network usage)… no possibility to get system back until reboot.

Not 100% sure, if it is a glasswire problem, but the only other thing which was changed was an flash upgrade.

I use VMWare myself also, but I run Windows 10 and I haven’t experienced this. Our QA does a lot of testing on virtual machines with VMWare and they haven’t seen this either. They also use Windows 7. Are you using any other third party software that seems to cause the crash?

Hard to say. There are a some services on the machine, but the first occurrence was after the upgrade of glasswire. Some points, it did not happen instand, sometimes a week or more are between. It never happens while working on this machine, only on “idle” times, e.g. Sunday night.
Will take a look on it. Possible disable glasswire on the next freeze and see, if its happen again.

Please confirm the OS version in VMWare, the OS version you’re running it on, and the VMWare version along with any settings you have that might be unusual with VMWare or the OS and we will try to reproduce and fix this. Thanks.

Windows 7 Version 6.1.7601, latest patch level.
ESX hosts running 5.0 - 6.0 (includes 5.1 and 5.5), depends where DRM starts the vm.

Will ask the vSphere admin for “unusual” settings.

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