Problems with firewall after update for version 2.0 of Glasswire

Good day.
I Buy yesterday Glasswire and im one disk with Windows 10 Pro N 64 Bits unistalled Glasswire version 1.2.121 end install new version of Glasswire 2.0 and after installed activate Glasswire.

In this disk all right working fine and firewall of glasswire detect all software used network.

After this i go for another disk of same pc where i have same SO installed and unistall also Glasswire 1.2.121 and install new version and activate this also. But in firewall i not see all software used my network connection.
Have for example ace player streaming and before in version 1.2.121 version of glasswire i block this software if no use this for see stramming. For watch streamming i unblock software.

The problem now is this software are blocked all times and i cannot use ace stream player for watch streamming. Ace player stream and others ace stream files are not listed in firewall of Glasswire.

I go for firewall settings of Windows 10 and dissable firewall and try launck ace stream player but have same problem: software cannot connect for net.

What can i unblovk this software if this are not listed in Glasswire? I turn off glasswire firewall also but got same problem.

I see also Nvidia telemetry and others components of Nvdia are not listed in glasswire firewall and also all are blocked.

Any ideia for fix this?


We found this bug and we’ll have an update out shortly. I apologize for the problem.


Please try this update:

Problem are fixed with new version of Glasswire.
about the questions more in up:

I am used Glasswire in same pc hardware, have only one desktop pc, the pc have 4 HDs and 2 external HDs USB 3.0 for backup.

Got one installation of Windows 10 Home N in one SSD with Glasswire installed and atived. In other SSD have Windows 10 Pro N with Glasswire installed and also actived.

Algo have windows 10 Pro N installed in one external USB disk with Glasswire installed and actived, this last USB disk is for testing software for see se work well with windows 10 before install in other SSD.

All disks is used in same PC and all installation of Windows have backup with Matrium Reflect software free edition.

Now have not problems with Glasswire.
thank yours for help.

P.S. Before installed new version of glasswire i restore a backup of Windows with the problem and installed Glasswire without unistall other version, new version of Glasswire just unistall other old version and after install new version and all work fine now.

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