Product code does not work - Glassware will not respond

Purchased an elite subscription, charge confirmed, code delivered. But code worked for a week and now glassware reverted to free edition.

Have contacted glassware in every venue available - but it is impossible to talk to a human and every message has been ignored so far.

So don’t be scammed like I was into losing $100 with no response, no customer service, no nothing.

They normally respond very quickly.

A big question and concern from me: Why are you publicly posting that key?

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Just showing it doesn’t work

You emailed on March 16th, then our helpdesk replied to you, then you responded to them again? It looks like you are using another firewall, so it blocked our own app from activating. Is it possible to allow GlassWire to connect so it can stay activated?

Sorry for the issue.

Make sure your firewall has a rule for I had a similar issue until our proxy server and firewall allowed this traffic.

Also if your key continues to deactivate, make sure your computer is sleeping correctly. My theory is that I was off the network too long and got too many “License verification failed” events which would auto-deactivate my key.

Hope that helps.