Professional mode aka fine grained app settings


I’d like to point out one huge issue: certain kind of malware.

As far as I know GlassWire notifies if an application binary was modified, this could also happen because of an update. There are different ways to get malware into a computer hidden inside an application. This could be a infected binary or a binary allowing to change its behaviour (scripting).

I chose a simple example: Sublime Text editor. You can install plugins to improve your work performance. If such plugin would contain malware you could simply prevent this from working by allowing sublime to connect to its package manager (limited by ports and hosts). Of course this is an fictional example as I haven’t had this with sublime, it was just a random pick, but this would represent a real-life scenario.

a professional mode with fine grained control would allow capable users prevent things from happening before they can happen. GlassWire advertises server monitoring and for a server this would be really important. As well as other operating systems including a headless mode. I would like to limit the ports and host an app is able to connect to as well as the network which it is able to use (for now local and non-local would be sufficient) and inbound / outbound connections.

Thank you for reading. I really love GlassWire and it’s simplicity will help users and hope to see improvements.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Our team reviews the forum often and we’ll see how this could technically work. The main complication I see is figuring out how the user interface could work if it’s technically possible. Maybe there are some other apps that do this that we can investigate and see how they were able to make these features usable.