Program Data/Glasswire with over 2 GB

Why this takes so much space?

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I just used WinDirStat as well and was shocked to find Glasswire was using over 100 GB! Promptly uninstalled until this physical memory bug is addressed.

@Rob_Hayes Hard drive space is unrelated to memory. You can clear your history in Glasswire’s settings if you don’t need a large one.

I will ask the team why your history could be so large. Do either of you use Bittorrent or any software that access massive numbers of hosts simultaneously?

Yes, I use bittorrent client Deluge heavily.

Yes, I use qbittorrent quite a bit.

Bittorrent simultaneously connects to a massive number of hosts simultaneously. GlassWire has to log all these hosts, so it makes a large log file. You can clear your history in your GlassWire settings.

While using Bittorrent you can switch GlassWire to Incognito mode to not log all these hosts.

Normal GlassWire usage without Bittorrent should keep our file sizes to a reasonable/small level.

Cleared up my history and activated incognito mode. Perhaps handling multiple connections simultaneously was also the reason for Glasswire to consume so much CPU? How will incognito mode help?

It helps because GlassWire doesn’t have to use resources to keep tabs on all your hosts while using Bittorrent.

Normal network usage on a PC shouldn’t use very many resources for GlassWire, but Bittorrent is a unique situation.