Programmatically Configure the Installation


I’m looking to configure GlassWire on installation versus manually doing it afterwards. The only references I’m seeing to command line install parameters is a forum post from August 2015, and the parameters are “instdir”, “NoQuickLaunch”, “NeDesktop”, “S”, and “NoRunOnStartup”.

I attempted to look for registry keys as well as config files but had no success.

Is there documentation somewhere? I don’t see anything mentioned in the user guide related to this.

What I’m looking for in particular - Turning off the “Traffic Counters” and “App Info” settings so data isn’t processed by GlassWire.


Here is what I ended up finding. Hope this helps someone else -

  1. Run install as you usually would
    a) For me that means GlassWireSetup.exe /S /NOQUICKLAUNCH /NODESKTOP
  2. Update “C:\ProgramData\glasswire\service-full\glasswire.conf” to the settings you desire
    a) CloudDetectUploadPermissions is the variable I set. 0 means disable both “App Info” and “Traffic Counters” from being processed by GlassWire servers.
  3. Set this registry to disable the initial prompt about “Advanced features” on first startup of GlassWire:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\GlassWire] “UserSelectedProfile”=dword:00000001