Proxy recognized as 'other' traffic

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I currently have the free version of Glasswire. My computer uses a proxy for outbound connections: a Squid proxy running on the default TCP port 3128. As a result, Glasswire sees a large amount of ‘other’ traffic towards one host. This is visible in the ‘Usage’ tab of the software.

Since it’s not possible, as far as I could find, to add new definitions of applications or ports into Glasswire, I can’t change the ‘other’ line.
Are there any plans to 1) allowing to add port definitions for custom applications and 2) offer more support for proxy connection analysis?

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It’s annoying to see constant “other” traffic. One thing you could do for that traffic is go to the “graph” tab, then “apps” then find the responsible app and click it and use the “hide” feature to hide all that traffic from the graph.

Nobody has ever asked us for a feature like this to name “other” traffic but it’s a good idea. We plan to make our traffic detection better in the future and maybe we can find a way to let users name certain types of traffic/ports whatever they want.

Thank you for your feedback.

The ‘hiding’ feature is nice but will no longer provide an accurate view in my case since +50% of traffic will not show.
Thanks for taking my suggestions into consideration!