Purchasing plan


can i serve a custom plan for the versions that you provide, i’m interested to install the app in one computer and monitor all the IPs rather buying the $199 can i pay for someone more convenient, by the way it is good way to provide a custom purchase, as i local user i wont use or not interested in all feature like install the same licence in many PCs.

Are you asking if it’s possible to upgrade from Basic or Pro after buying those versions? If so the answer is yes, you can upgrade. Just email us and we’ll give instructions https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

Thank you.

nope i ask if i can have something in between basic and pro, a licence for one computer but unlimited access or greater than 10 remote connections. can that be done?

No. Unfortunately our software doesn’t work this way currently but we’ll take your feedback into consideration for future updates. Sorry for the problem.

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In general, picking and choosing among features with any software (or any other product, for that matter) is considered customizing and is generally more expensive than accepting a “standard” installation. In this case, your request would probably require custom programming.