Question about Glasswire's Time Scale

Ok, after six months of using Glasswire, I’m still discovering new (to me) capabilities. Maybe everyone else noticed long ago, but I was just recently WOWed by the discovery that manipulating the time slider on the bottom timeline also causes all the other information to vary in accordance – not just the image.

So that I can best use this feature, some questions. In the Usage tab, it appears that the Day, Week, Month periods cover 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days – is that right? And in relation to moving the sliders on the timeline, does the vertical “date” line actually coincide with 12:00am each date shown?

The answers may seem obvious, but my service providers clock starts at midnight. When I’m trying to verify usage for some period a couple of days or weeks ago, I need to be sure I’m tracking what they are. And making these assumptions today has left me with some degree of mystery as to where the traffic was used.

And BTW, all this ties into a request I made a week or two past for a summation view of all Glasswire machines on a network.

Thanks, Rich

@richlife69 Thanks for your feed back and detailed reports, it really helps us a lot! The answers to your questions are below.

Yes, the “date” line should coincide with the start of every new day. We’ll continue to look at a full summation of all machines, or perhaps we’ll find a way to monitor the entire network in the future. Thanks!

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Good! Glasswire gives me a base on which to evaluate many things in my network. Just wanted to be sure of the parameters.

FYI: Below is the best I get from Verizon. The current date is always low because their updates are quite late. So I’m left trying to figure out why some days are significant peaks (like 3/20 - 3/23) and which machine is responsible. That’s my interest in the Glasswire periods.

Some might ask “Who cares?” – the usage is all very low. But I live in a fairly remote area with few (2) internet connection options at all. I can get .5Mbps DSL service for $45/mon. or pay $90 or $120 for wireless FTE internet with either a 20 or a 30 GB per month cap. After that every GB (or part) is $10 more. So our normal use is .75GB a day to stay within the cap and generally minimize costs (retirement budget; others don’t have big incomes for whatever reason). Approaching the end of my billing cycle and nearing my cap, I want to manage my usage. (Those paying attention may realize that “ordinary” usage like streaming video is not even a consideration with these limitations.)

I want the slider to snap to the nearest hour. So if it is within, say, 2.5 minutes of the end of the hour then the time selection snaps to the hour, i.e. ??:00:00 where ?? represents 00 to 23.

When I was testing earlier versions of GlassWire, I used the time period sliders to check daily results added up to weekly results. It was reasonably accurate for summing those results but it was almost impossible to get the time period to start or end exactly on the end of an hour or day.

Here’s an example where I’ve had five or six attempts to get the slider to 00:00:00. I can only get it to a couple of minutes either way.

I would also like an option to have times displayed on a 12 hour clock rather than a 24 hour clock.

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I think the slider snapping to the hour is an excellent suggestion. +1