Question on Data Plan

I set the Data Plan usage monitor for Time Period: Day Traffic Amount: 25GB

The question is: Does the usage monitor start counting from the time the monitor is turned on? Does it count usage for a physical day or a logical day?

Should the usage monitor reset itself at the start of each new day? That is what I would expect it to do. Once I turn it on, and set the Time Period for “Day”, I would expect to get notified during any day when I reach the Day Traffic Amount.

I am asking because I turned the monitor on last night around 11:00pm. This morning I received a notification that I had used 75% of my Day Traffic Amount. It seemed like it was counting everything from the time I turned the monitor on instead of for just the day time period (00:00-11:59pm).

Please clarify how the monitor actually works.


Thanks for using GlassWire. @ronealwa

It appears you are asking about GlassWire for Windows which has a data plan option. If I am mistaken please let me know.

The data usage monitor has already been counting when you turn it on.

We count for the day from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.

The counter is reset every day at 00:00:00. If the traffic amount used during the day is less than the limit, there won’t be any notification. If the limit is exceeded you will get notified by GlassWire.

To check the stats, I recommend setting your usage tab from 00:00 to 11:59. It should then answer your question I hope?

Please let me know if this didn’t solve your issue, thanks.

The usage monitor does not seem to be working correctly. I reset it this morning at 12:09 am, but I received an alert this morning at 8:35 am saying I had reached 75% of my allowance. At that time I only had 12.5 GB of usage…which is only a little over 50% of usage.

Here are some screen shots (since I am new, I can only upload 1 image):

Data Plan settings:
Time Period: Day
Traffic Amount: 25 GB
Traffic Type: In
Exclude Local Traffic: Checked

Alerts tab:

Usage monitor tab:
Incoming data usage: 12.5 GB

Let me know what you think.


Here is the other screenshots:

And the final screenshot:

If you click the top right icon, what are your settings there in this screenshot? Thanks.

I will be away until Monday but I am pretty sure I am getting both external/local and incoming/outgoing traffic

Thanks! I thought perhaps it might have an unusual setting and that could explain the issue. :+1:

So the usage monitor appears to work correctly after the first day in which it is turned on. It gets a little confused on the first day, but after that so far it looks like it is keeping track and notifying correctly.


I’m glad it’s working and thank you for using GlassWire.