Question: Relationship between Graph Scale, Bandwidth and Tracking Line

Dear all, I am thankful for the glasswire utility, which gives me a great, intuitive way to figure out what’s going on in my network and connection.

One thing I still wasn’t able to understand completely is the relationship between the scale and the bandwidth given once a tracking line is set.

For example, right now I am looking at a 3hr plot, the graph scale is set to 2MB/s and I’ve placed a tracking line somewhere in the middle, where the graph is showing an upload speed of about 0.9 MB/s (assuming that the bottom of the graph corresponds to zero.) At this position, the upload bandwidth (up arrow in circle) is showing at 14MB, which of course doesn’t refer to speed - i.e. it’s not MB/s, which btw would be useful.

What time duration does that bandwidth correspond to?
How is that duration changing when we select different time periods for the graph (month, week, 24h, 3h, 5min)?

Also, regarding the time scale, is the bottom horizontal assumed at zero?
In the case when the scale shows ‘MAX’, what speed does that correspond to?

I hope someone can clear these out for me.
Many thanks!,

Thanks for trying GlassWire and thanks for your kind words about the software!

It so happens we’re doing a major software update this week and we’re changing how the graph/tracking works. Therefore I’ll wait until we do the update, then I’ll explain in detail in this thread how the graph works. We may also write a Blog post about this and update the help area too. Sorry for the delay!