Questions about Glasswire writing to files in ProgramData

Why does Glasswire continually write to the c:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service-full\stats files? I see thousands of bytes per second being writen to this directory.

Also why do I need more than a years worth of log files in liog directory?

How do you open the stats folder? Even running explorer.exe as an administrator doesn’t work.

Strange. I can open that folder using Windows Explorer, as well as edit the files within using Notepad++.

Sounds like a permission issue with your PC.

I’m just using stock Windows 10 permissions here, so nothing special…

In GlassWire > Settings, you can delete history (All, Keep last week, Keep last day). I believe that just affects the db files, not sure about the logs. I only have one file in there.

Once I completely stopped Glasswire I was able to access of its files without using a program running as as administrator.

I changed the app’s settings to not start with windows and restarted the PC. I still didn’t have access to the Glasswire files. I found that there were still 2 Glasswird processes running even though I set it not to start with windows. I used Autoruns to the stop the 2 processes from starting and then rebooted again. This time I could do anything I wanted to the Glasswire directories without using a program running as an administrator.