Questions about purchasing a license

Hey, I have two questions about purchasing a license.

  1. If I buy Basic license and use it on PC, but later on switch to a different PC, will I be able to switch my Basic Glasswire to the newer PC? (So not using it on 2 PCs at the same time, but rather, switching to a different one)

  2. Is it possible to upgrade a license? Like I currently have one PC, so currently I wouldn’t mind just one license, but what if that changes a couple years from now. Could I simply add another $50 to turn my Basic license into a Pro license?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hello Jellydots,

  1. Yes you can switch the license to a different PC.

  2. Yes it’s possible to upgrade a license later.

To upgrade the license email our helpdesk and we’ll help you pay the difference. To switch the license go to the GlassWire tab and choose “deactivate” on the old PC, then activate again on the new PC. If you run into any problems with either situation our helpdesk is here to help!

Thanks! :+1:

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As a follow on to the above question, I have had a situation since installing Glasswire that my Hard Drive crashed, so I therefore could not “deactivate” my copy of Glasswire. Then, when I tried to install it on the new Drive, Glasswire said that I had ‘activated’ it too many times. What do I do now?

Dont know about GW but I was getting attacked last year ,many times I have a paid for (eternity ) email client so I got the same on re-instating Windows but contacted the New Zealand Head office who in 5 minutes reset it to zero again.

Please contact our helpdesk and I’ll assist you.